6 photos you NEED across your socials to tell your story and stand out

We ALL know the importance of gorgeous visuals right? But it’s actually knowing what kind of photography you need to attract the right audience and your ideal customers for your business. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret and share the 6 kinds of images you need across your socials and website to tell your story and most importantly, stand out.

1. Lifestyle Images

Share your story beautifully! Think curated flat lays, fun shots of your products being used or aspects of your day.

2. The Process Of Your Job

Share the behind-the-scenes of what you do, your everyday. Have pictures of you sitting at your desk or with your laptop – or however you do your thing!

3. What Makes You Unique

Got a business with a sustainable, eco-friendly heart? Share it! Your business is different from anyone else because no one is you. Share your experiences, your journey, your brand values, ethos, style and aesthetic.

4. Share Your Client’s Content

Use the content your client’s or customer’s make for you – aka UGC (User Generated Content). So next time a client tags you in their post or story, repost it (with their permission of course) and let them do the talking!

5. Portrait / Headshot Of Yourself

It doesn’t need to be stuffy or boring! Portrait shots are not only good for ‘About Me’ pages but you can use them on Social Media, for PR opportunities and promoting yourself and your business.

6. The Transformation

What do you do to help your clients or customers? Make sure to share reviews and testimonials that others have left for you. Share the before and afters (I know I LOVE these!) and case studies.

Having professional, bright, and clean shots of your business (whether it be your studio, clinic and/or workspace) can make such a difference in attracting your dream clients and will enable you to charge your worth. You deserve it!

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