4 confidence tips to help you show your face online

“I’m not good enough”, “what will everyone think?”, “she’s absolutely smashing it so why should I even bother?”. I know those feelings ALL too well! I’m here to tell you to push through this niggling thoughts, cos you know what? It could be holding you back and stopping you from where you want to go.

Here’s 4 things I remind myself when I feel scared to show up online…

I don’t need to show my entire life online to ‘show up’

On my Business IG, you won’t see pictures of my family or me sipping cocktails at the weekend. But this doesn’t mean my IG Stories are dry with no personality and it doesn’t mean you guys ‘miss out’ on anything.

We have control over what % of our lives we decide to show online and it doesn’t need to be all of it. You may follow someone and think you’re getting 100% of their lives but in reality, it’s probably only 10% – which is absolutely fine! You don’t need to sell your soul and share every single aspect of your life for #content on Socials.

Only show what you feel comfortable sharing. 

Why am I on Social Media in the first place?

Why are you online? Why are you running a business? For example, here’s mine… 

I’m on Social Media to reach new clients, nurture existing relationships, to share my work and to display my social media and photography expertise to help others. I’m running a business to work flexibly, to choose what projects I work on, to choose who I work with and to ultimately, help businesses sell their products and services.

I bet yours is pretty similar to mine!

I’m doing this to build a life I love so reminding me of this gives me the boost I need when I feel scared to show up.

I can continue to help and show up for others

I know your product or service brings such great impact and value to others. Just look through all the amazing feedback or testimonials you’ve received! Remind yourself on what your business can do and continues to do for others. 

I’d recommend making a folder so you can easily pop back to it when you need it.

For me, if I can share something online that will help educate or inspire 1 person then I’m happy! Because, the next day it could be 3 people and the next 5 people. And so on. 

So if you need to, switch your focus on helping others!

I know it will never be perfect

I see you perfectionists and procrastinators! No matter what you’re putting out into the world, it will never be perfect. It’s better to do, than to not even try at all.

Content on Social Media has a pretty short shelf-life so don’t be afraid to try and experiment then learn and refine as you go. 

But before I go, I will leave you with this: 

“Great things never came from comfort zones” so whether that’s talking on Stories, self promotion or hitting publish on that piece of content that you spent hours creating. I say do it! 

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